Brief overview of HYPER-BARTER


Alltra is a fully developed, EVM based, independent blockchain ecosystem, having their own coins, tokens, marketplace, projects, and exchange all hosted on the Alltra Chain Network (Alltra Chain). It enables users to buy, sell, swap, and develop.

Alltra’s coins and tokens comprise the gold-backed, hard-tethered stable coin 11::11, the Hyper-Barter Exchange (HYBX) Token, the ALL Coin, and the Alltra Dollar Coin (Alltra Dollar). The Alltra coins and tokens are already in use across multiple exchanges. They are all designed specifically to complete the ecosystem, amongst others to stimulate commerce, advancements in DeFi, maximising  usage of Alltra Chain, promoting business marketing efficiencies, and developing projects.

Why Alltra Chain? Through many years of experience, we became frustrated with the cost of building and transacting (e.g., gas fees) on the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. We decided to launch our own network and move the whole project over to it. In the end we settled on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus, due to its low energy usage, very high transactions per second (TPS) rate, as well as the rewards and compensation protocol that can exist.

Alltra Chain Protocol:  Alltra Chain uses the DPoS mechanism to elect a validator. Thus, this constant election of validators keeps the blockchain safe from any malicious activity. There is delegation through staking with validators. Those users who choose to stake, are referred to as ‘delegators.’ A delegator is free to choose any validator (or validators) and stake any amount of coin with them to participate. The most convenient way to delegate coin to a validator is via a chain staking platform. ALLTRA Chain is a decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain that powers the blockchain platform and ecosystem. It is fully compatible with Ethereum, meaning that any smart contract that can be deployed on the latter can also run on top of Alltra Chain.

Benefits to participating in this ground-breaking technology.

1.    Simply purchase 11::11 and Airdrop your HYBX to get started.

Who for? General crypto traders, savers, merchants, investors, consumers.

Minimum investment: $50.00 AUD. There are also over the counter (OTC) packages available for wholesale investors.

2.      Become a gold and precious metals supplier to the community.

Sell your gold or precious metals to ALLTRA at a premium and be paid in HYBX. You are then given a trade co-ordinator (not financial advice) to assist with spending and trading options.

Who for? Gold mines, gold merchants, Bullion traders, gold fossickers; likewise with precious metals.

Minimum investment: 10 kg GOLD-SILVER-PLATINUM-COPPER

3.      Become a merchant in the Hyper-Barter Exchange Marketplace and start accepting $ALL.

Who for? Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, pest control, cleaning services, real-estate agents, mechanics, auto dealers, general traders, recreational businesses, tourism, manufacturers, farmers, logistics, storage, warehousing, trades, education, etc.  

Minimum investment, set-up fee: $89.00 AUD

4.      Become a licensed business support manager and support merchants in the ALLTRA ecosystem.

Sign up to start your own HYBX Business. Be a business ambassador and help small to medium business owners use the best of the ALLTRA ecosystems to help businesses thrive.

Who for? Business owners, business coaches, purchasing officers, retail managers, real-estate salespeople, customer service managers, direct sales professionals, etc.

Minimum investment: TBA


5.      Become a Validator on the ALLTRA Chain and stake the system.

DPoS is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to a blockchain network, even without large amounts of funds to obtain mining gear (e.g., nodes and servers). Earn as a Validator and help ALLTRA Chain grow.

Minimum investment: $30 000.00 AUD

6.      Launch your own Project on Alltra Chain.

All projects are vetted and only applicable to projects that are backed by a useful function, precious metals, promotion of community, productivity, health and wealth generation, produce, etc.

7.      Join our Staking Farms for reward (coming soon).

8.      Join the NFT craze (coming soon).    


ALLTRA coins and tokens.

11::11 - this coin is 1/1000th of one (1) ounce (oz) of fine gold. 11::11 is backed by an ongoing, incoming gold supply through forward purchase agreements for the physical supply of gold on a monthly delivery schedule.

HYBX Token - is used in the same way as a promissory note in traditional business. How? The HYBX token is built to acknowledge the value of gold you are holding in 11::11. Alltra have created an issuance protocol and user interface (UI) that allows 11::11 owners to receive an issuance of HYBX tokens every time they purchase or increase their balance of 11::11. HYBX tokens can then be used to trade with and participate in the greater crypto market. It also has the added benefit of Alltra Dollars.

What is Hyper-Barter Exchange? The Hyper-Barter Exchange is a decentralized marketplace platform where users can buy and sell goods and services using the function of the HYBX token. As a cross chain token on Alltra Chain, the platform utilizes smart contract technology to enable secure, transparent, and decentralized transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers. A powerful App and Business directory platform that provides a user-friendly marketplace and business marketing system for the community to thrive in.

What is ALL Coin?  The ALL Coin is the native token of Alltra Chain that allows for decentralised Alltra Dollar (ALL$): is used as transaction currency (money) in the Hyper-Barter Exchange Marketplace.

How do you get ALL$? ALL$ is a unique type of crypto. The ALL$ is a Business or Personal Overdraft token. It is stable in the sense that it is equal to one (1) Australian Dollar and is issued to you as $1.00 AUD or ALL$1.00. 

voting, staking, delegating and rapid smart contract deployment on the Alltra Chain.

To receive and use Alltra Dollars, you simply transfer your HYBX to your Alltra Dollar account. The HYBX will be locked in escrow as security. ALLTRA’s protocol then issues you the ALL$ equivalent at the current exchange rate of HYBX tokens to Australian Dollars. For example, if 20 000 HYBX tokens transferred into escrow and valued at AUD $2000.00, the HYBX community will issue ALL$2000.00 for owner to use. 

ALL$ is earned back as a Merchant or business after you spend it. It can also be earned by consumers as rewards offered by Merchants using HYBX (ALL$) to grow their business through customer Loyalty programs and rewards and Gamification of competitions.

(Launch date to be announced).

For detailed information on any of the above-mentioned opportunities, or information on wholesale packages, please forward an email to requesting more information