Multi-lingual and RTL Support: The frontend of the business websites is compatible with multiple languages and supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, ensuring a seamless user experience for your global audience.

  • 2. Flexible Package Management: Create your New Business and "HYBX" Shopfront with complete control over the included features. Set packages as Free, Trial, Premium, or customize them to meet your specific requirements. Add Subscribers, create your own online agency or service business with the ability to define trial periods for trial packages. Easily create your Ecommerce Website, booking agency, or even a dating site if you wish. 
  • 3. User Dashboard: Users get a dedicated dashboard where they you can easily manage their subscriptions, create multilingual business websites, and generate unlimited vCards. Your new website and vCards are also RTL supported.
  • 4. Advanced QR Builder: Users can leverage our QR Builder to create customized QR codes for any URL, using various filters and options. This enables them to enhance their marketing strategies and drive more traffic to their online presence.
  • 5. Custom Domain/Subdomain Support: Users can showcase their business websites and vCards using their own custom domain, subdomain ({username}.your_domain_name), or path-based URL (your_domain_name/{username}).
  • 6. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly collect membership payments through various payment gateways, including popular options like PayPal and Stripe. Additionally, we support native blockchain coin payments, allowing users to transact using a single blockchain at a time.
  • 7. Additional Features: Take advantage of convenient features like Drag & Drop Menu Builder and Popup Banner Builder to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the websites. Our Website Builder solution empowers users to create professional, feature-rich websites with ease. Start offering this powerful tool to your customers today and help them establish a strong online presence.