11::11 Fractionalised Distribution of Gold Project 

Hyper-Barter Exchange and Hyper-DEX Exchange

powered By the ALLTRA Smartchain Dpos Consensus.

WHAT is HYBX? 66556477025d5.png

The HYPER-Barter Exchange is a decentralized marketplace platform that facilitates the buying and selling of goods and services using the HYBX token. It operates on the Alltra Chain and employs smart contract technology for secure and transparent transactions. The platform also includes a robust app and business directory, providing a user-friendly marketplace and marketing system to support the community’s growth and success. HYBX $0.000161 USD price today, HYBX live chart, forecast | DEXTools ALLTRA WORLD 11::11 Fractionalised Distribution of Gold "HYBX" BUSINESS HUB "HYB-ALL" - HYPER-BARTER EXCHANGE Tokenomics. HYBX | Address 0x32b29705bb44c57f6a3dcca047fd55b460977c25 | Etherscan

WHAT is HYDX? 6655649cb8d48.png

HYPER-DEX Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on top of the Hydro Protocol. It aims to provide users with a secure and efficient platform for trading digital assets.

HYPER-DEX leverages smart contracts and off-chain order books to enable peer-to-peer trading without the need for intermediaries or centralized control. The exchange allows users to retain custody of their funds and execute trades directly from their wallets, ensuring greater security and privacy.

HYPER-DEX supports various cryptocurrencies and tokens, providing a wide range of trading options for users. Similar in Binances' Pancake swap platform. 

FOR Detailed Information on the 11::11 Coin please visit https://alltra.world/1111coin 

Based on each Tokens Legal definition the tokenomics are broken down differently.





VALIDATOR CONCESUS algorithm => MAX_VALIDATORS = 100; CAPPED @ 60 Validators. MIN_STAKE = 100,000 MAX_STAKE = 5,000,000 CYCLE_DURATION_BLOCKS = 48 hours [48*60*60/5] // Number of blocks per cycle DEFAULT_VALIDATOR_FEE = 15% // the validator must stake himself the minimum stake BLOCK_REWARD_AMOUNT = (TotalSupply * Inflation/100) / BlocksPerYear in which inflation = APY, usually at 5%

Overall, DPOS offers advantages such as scalability, energy efficiency, governance, security, and flexibility, making it an attractive consensus algorithm for many blockchain networks. The maximum number of validators is 60. *Staking Consensus Default Parameter: Democratises Rewards based Minning MAX_VALIDATORS = 60; MIN_STAKE = 100,000 ALL Coin MAX_STAKE = 5,000,000 ALL Coin CYCLE_DURATION_BLOCKS = 48 hours [48*60*60/5] // Number of blocks per cycle DEFAULT_VALIDATOR_FEE = 15% // the validator must stake himself the minimum stake. “Rent to Own Validator as a Business” Investors will be advanced 5 000 000 ALL to stake, to achieve Maximum potential from their business. BLOCK_REWARD_AMOUNT = (Total Supply * Inflation/60) / BlocksPerYear in which inflation = APY, at 5% = 50 000 000 000.0000 ALL Coin per year distributed Through Validators to Delegators. Validators Retains 15% of the APY. Divided by the number of Validators.

IMPORTANT Contracts and Addresses on the ALL network. 

HYBX Token Address: Ethereum Mainnet: 0x32b29705BB44C57f6A3DcCa047Fd55b460977c25

HYBX Token Address: ALLTRA Mainnet: 0x1839f77eBed7F388c7035f7061B4B8Ef0E72317a

11::11 Coin Active Stable Contract address: 0xB6a67342C40326E41BE964D0DF4D042D1fBfdf49

HYDX Governance token: 0x0d9793861AEB9244AD1B34375a83A6730F6AdD38

HYDX Smart Contract (Cake)

ALL Network ( Alltra SmartChain ) is a fully developed, EVM based DPOS Consensus independent blockchain ecosystem, having our coins, tokens, marketplace, projects, and exchange, all hosted on the Alltra Chain Network (Alltra Chain). It enables users to buy, sell, swap, and develop. 

Alltra’s coins and tokens comprise the gold-backed, hard-tethered stable coin 11::11, the Hyper-Barter Exchange (HYBX) Token, the ALL Coin, and the Alltra Dollar Coin (Alltra Dollar). The Alltra coins and tokens are already in use across multiple exchanges. They are all designed specifically to complete the ecosystem, amongst others to stimulate commerce, advancements in DeFi, maximising  usage of Alltra Chain, promoting business marketing efficiencies, and developing projects. 

Why Alltra Chain?Through many years of experience, we became frustrated with the cost of building and transacting (e.g., gas fees) on the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. We decided to launch our own network and move the whole project over to it. In the end we settled on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus, due to its low energy usage, very high transactions per second (TPS) rate, as well as the rewards and compensation protocol that can exist.

Alltra Chain Protocol:  Alltra Chain uses the DPoS mechanism to elect a validator. Thus, this constant election of validators keeps the blockchain safe from any malicious activity. There is delegation through staking with validators. Those users who choose to stake, are referred to as ‘delegators.’ A delegator is free to choose any validator (or validators) and stake any amount of coin with them to participate. The most convenient way to delegate coin to a validator is via a chain staking platform. ALLTRA Chain is a decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain that powers the blockchain platform and ecosystem. It is fully compatible with Ethereum, meaning that any smart contract that can be deployed on the latter can also run on top of Alltra Chain.

Benefits to participating in this ground-breaking technology.

1.      Simply purchase 11::11 and Airdrop your HYBX to get started.

Who for? General crypto traders, savers, merchants, investors, consumers.

Minimum investment: $125000.00 AUD.inc gst There are also over the counter (OTC) packages available for wholesale investors.

2.       Become a gold and precious metals supplier to the community. 

Sell your gold or precious metals to ALLTRA at a premium and be paid in HYBX. You are then given a trade co-ordinator (not financial advice) to assist with spending and trading options. Who for? Gold mines, gold merchants, Bullion traders, gold fossickers; likewise with precious metals.

Minimum investment: 10 kg GOLD-SILVER-PLATINUM-COPPER

3.       Become a merchant in the Hyper-Barter Exchange Marketplace and start accepting $ALL. Who for? Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, pest control, cleaning services, real-estate agents, mechanics, auto dealers, general traders, recreational businesses, tourism, manufacturers, farmers, logistics, storage, warehousing, trades, education, etc.   Minimum investment, set-up fee: $89.00 AUD

4.       Become a licensed business support manager and support merchants in the ALLTRA ecosystem.

Sign up to start your own HYBX Business. Be a business ambassador and help small to medium business owners use the best of the ALLTRA ecosystems to help businesses thrive.

Who for? Business owners, business coaches, purchasing officers, retail managers, real-estate salespeople, customer service managers, direct sales professionals, etc.

Minimum investment: TBA

5.       Become a Validator on the ALLTRA Chain and stake the system.

DPoS is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to a blockchain network, even without large amounts of funds to obtain mining gear (e.g., nodes and servers). Earn as a Validator and help ALLTRA Chain grow.

Minimum investment: $225 000.00 AUD Generate 833 333 333 Million new ALL per year.

6.       Launch your own Project on Alltra Chain.

All projects are vetted and only applicable to projects that are backed by a useful function, precious metals, promotion of community, productivity, health and wealth generation, produce, etc.

7.       Join our Staking Farms for reward (coming soon). https://alltrasonicswap.trade


Welcome to ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our platform offers users a secure and efficient way to trade a wide range of digital assets. With our innovative features and user-friendly interface, Hyper-Dex is the go-to DEX for crypto enthusiasts.

Why Choose Hyper-Dex?

·         High-Speed Transactions: ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange ensures lightning-fast transaction speeds, allowing you to execute trades quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to slow and congested networks.


·         Lower Fees: We understand the importance of cost-effective trading. Hyper-Dex offers a significantly reduced fee structure compared to traditional centralized exchanges. This means you can maximize your profits and minimize unnecessary expenses.


·         Advanced Security: At ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange, we prioritize the safety of your assets. Our platform utilizes cutting-edge security measures, including smart contract audits and rigorous testing, to safeguard your investments. Trade with confidence, knowing your funds are protected.


·         User-Friendly Interface: Hyper-Dex provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making trading accessible to both beginners and experienced traders. Our platform is designed to enhance your trading experience, with a seamless and hassle-free interface.


·         Wide Range of Assets: ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange supports a diverse selection of digital assets, allowing you to explore various investment opportunities. From cryptocurrencies to tokens, HYDX has got you covered.

·         Yield Farming: Take advantage of our yield farming feature to earn passive income on your crypto holdings. ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange offers attractive yield farming opportunities, empowering you to grow your assets while contributing to the liquidity of the platform.


·         Community-Driven: We believe in the power of community. ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange encourages active participation from users, allowing them to shape the future of our platform. Your voice matters to us, the DEX also provides the heartbeat for the platform and provides convenient access to Liquidity when needed

Get Started with Hyper-Dex Today!


Join the ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange revolution and experience a decentralized trading platform like never before. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newbie in the crypto space, Hyper-Dex offers the tools and features you need to thrive. Start trading HYDX and explore the limitless possibilities of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies involves risk, and ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange advises users to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when trading. We are not responsible for any losses incurred during trading activities.

Trade with confidence on ALLTRASONICSWAP’S Hyper-Dex Exchange — the future of decentralized trading!

8.       Join the NFT craze (coming soon).       AS above.    


ALLTRA Smartchain Important Contracts and addresses



   hybx bridge -- this one is mint burn, so no liquidity pools

    0xdb181ba33031471bc366c29f113eaf9cd705eaee -- eth side

    0xDD94051679B1668566862738AB33A0f4956BbB19 -- all side

    hybx/all bridge -- this one has liquidity pools

   0x96aac183AD10218055e0DEfB0596dFbB35407976 -- eth side, doubles as the lp for HYBX

   0x96aac183AD10218055e0DEfB0596dFbB35407976 -- all side, doubles as the lp for ALL


    0xa198A7ac5680AD72522C17430bE9c44b11140859 airdrop address, mints into global LP and users accounts

    0x28cb43502C54565989632Cf9344f83273Da5A40A is the account that relays all 11::11 transfers for the airdrop dispensation logic

    probably still uses the deployer address as the HYBX liquidity pool

 Fiat onboarding

    0x967009c2124304B82585080bdC6c47cB7f9eE205 on the all network, still uses old pricing system

    EOA 0x3022BCB959153982A477209CAFaEdD5186359882 is used as the LP, a reference to it is stored in AWS

 eth onboarding

    0x9c81e764A8214eb81B866fd52b3182EAa83864E6 eth side, uses itself as the LP, very little on it

    0x9c81e764A8214eb81B866fd52b3182EAa83864E6 all side, dispenses 11::11 and all, uses itself as the LP

    rewards and rewards-admin are not live


    pay with card

 0xbF576101e52d08Bed0134FB0B64a1537e88dcC54 used as a paypal webhook

 EOA0x3022BCB959153982A477209CAFaEdD5186359882 is used as the LP, reference to it is stored on the contract


0xeAc6A8eD48Ca8AE511AfB77181A8a8CbEB27bd49 on ETH

0xeAc6A8eD48Ca8AE511AfB77181A8a8CbEB27bd49 on ALL

EOA 0x3022BCB959153982A477209CAFaEdD5186359882 is used as the LP, reference stored on the contract

EOAs that interact with above contracts


   0x461510a59B9810139eb24170a85507798839d9F0 is used for the hybx-hybx and hybx-all

   0x3b1b25cA01Fb2E04607881a5e85A7004e5Bb258C is used as the eth onboarding relay

   0x1B924F2909129E6c34b8706E8BB170D732E25Ab4 is used for fiat-onboarding and doubles as the LP for ALL


    0xE713afc6cf8119673F31D5878375feE7ac668B95 is used on lambda to respond to the PayPal webhook

    0x7f745445C9f4D98CE48280390c8ba9B9370ec19a is used as the relay between the exchange bridge contracts from ETH to ALL


    0x3D30E0170985a779B85afC69d57d36eb351554aA calls the setExchangeRate method on 11::11

    0xDb8e6E94Ec01ec43aD10a6008fB67092076eaE8B is used for validator allocation airdrops

    0x3022BCB959153982A477209CAFaEdD5186359882 is a temporary LP


ALL coin and 11::11 Coin Fiat onboarding and offboarding.


The implementation involves users logging in via auth0 which guarantees kyc verification

 - an existing PayPal account with the same email address is assumed

The amount of ALL/11::11 being sold is sent to a smart contract along with an encrypted

Json string containing whatever additional data is necessary to complete the transaction.

currently this is just the email address of the user - the smart contract emits an Escrow event including token, amounts and encrypted data an event listener on the backend detects the number of escrowed tokens + decrypts the email, applies slippage + exchange rate conversions and then pays out the calculated amount to the PayPal account with that email as a user id.

A (chain id , block number, transaction index, log index) key generated from the triggering event is used to uniquely identify payouts and prevent duplicate payouts.


The prototype: UI and UX


Users need to sign up with a PayPal account that has the same email as auth0.

Upon receiving an escrow event, the nonce will be used to to retrieve the cached data to complete the transaction

 We delete any saved data after some 24 hours length of time


 persona kyc oracle -- to prevent hackers trying to cash out without logging in with a verified account

 PayPal verified oracle -- to stop users without a linked PayPal account using the service

 pricing oracle -- so that conversions + slippage can be done fully on-chain instead of off-chain.


 User accounts for temporary storage, checks for paypal account existence when setting up a transaction

The Transaction will only complete if all KYC and Account verifications have been met.

The ALL coin and 11::11 Fiat payouts function is scalable and currently in test mode so all transactions are limited to $50.00 at 1 transaction per day per Whitelisted wallet address. As trade volume and liquidity increases the Limit will be increased accordingly.

In conclusion

Ozz Metals Ltd’s Hyper-Barter Platform, known as ALL Network (Alltra SmartChain), presents a robust and versatile blockchain ecosystem that stands out in comparison to popular blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Unlike these traditional networks, which often suffer from high transaction costs and slow speeds, Alltra SmartChain utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. This ensures low energy consumption and high transaction speeds, making it a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

The platform offers a range of features including a decentralized marketplace, a gold-backed stable coin, and the Hyper-Barter Exchange Token. These elements are designed to stimulate commerce, enhance DeFi advancements, and promote business marketing efficiencies. Users can engage in diverse opportunities such as becoming a gold or precious metals supplier, a merchant in the Hyper-Barter Exchange Marketplace, a Validator on the ALLTRA Chain, or launching their own project on Alltra Chain.

Additionally, the platform includes Hyper-Dex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering secure, fast, and cost-effective trading of digital assets. This DEX provides a competitive edge with its high-speed transactions, lower fees, advanced security measures, and user-friendly interface, making it a compelling choice for both novice and experienced traders.

The document also details information on ALLTRA coins and tokens, important contracts and addresses, and the processes for fiat onboarding and offboarding. Overall, ALL Network (Alltra SmartChain) offers a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem that addresses many of the limitations found in more established networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Team@alltra.world for more information on the available opportunities and wholesale packages.


For detailed information on any of the above-mentioned opportunities, or information on wholesale packages, please forward an email to Team@alltra.world requesting more information.